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So this post is dedicated to one of my favorite artists, David Bowie. With his incredible creative talent for writing songs, his deep character besides his bold choices always reflected his character in his songs, his style and life-style in general.

I would like to share with some interesting information about him that you may and may not know about him, along with some photos.

His real name is David Robert Jones. He chose the name ‘Bowie’ because it’s ‘the ultimate American Knife’; a combination of statements and illusions.

David and Iman met at a blind date arranged by a a mutual hairdresser friend. And for David it was love at first site.(oh isn’t he so romantic?)

They got married on April 24, 1992. So it’s actually 20-year anniversary this year. Congratulations!!

David’s odd looking eyes are as a result of a fight where he got punched in the eye during his school years. After two eye operations, one of his eyes pupils remained open, causing the unusual appearance.

He has this tattoo on his left calf designed by himself. A man riding a dolphin with a frog along with a japanese prayer. This tattoo symbolizes the “the confirmation of the love he feels for his wife and his knowledge of the power of life itself”.

At the age of 13, while he was learning to play saxophone, he said he was going to be a rock-star.

He plays so many instruments:Saxophone, guitar, piano, keyboards, harmonica, koto, mandolin, violin, cello and stylophone.

He calls himself  a “Sailor” and explains: “It has to do with solitude, freedom and traveling uncharted waters..or something.”

For him whether the process of  writing songs or painting(yes, he also paints), it’s more the process of putting it together than the end result, as he explains “one is aware of the end result”.  He likes that others enjoy the final product(his songs), but that’s not why he does it.

When he’s really happy, he doesn’t listen to happy songs and he hates happy songs when he’s sad. So for this reason there’s no place for them in his life as he tends to gravitate towards the lonely and isolated anyways.

His secret to stay young is a choice of keeping in touch with the society and stay around to retain enthusiasm for life.

This is one of his last(and favorite) songs. It’s my favorite, too. Enjoy. “Thursday’s Child” ❤