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Kreativ Blogger Award

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Thank you  www.ivafruhling.com , for the nomination. ❤

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1)   Originally from Istanbul where I went to American High School and left for Ny to study Fashion Design and somehow ended up in Italy both to work and live, to design childrenwear for D&G and Gucci.

2)    I Live in Milan and really enjoy being here. It inspires & stimulates me l lot… To inspire is to be inspired.

3)    I like to remain elegant even in difficult situations, no matter what.

4)    Got anchor tattoo on my left hand. It is a symbol that connects me to my family,  to my grandfather, a world-traveller captain.

5)    A former perfectionist, now I try to do my best. I have a hobby called Fashion and a passion called Love.

6)   I love music, men,loving friends, traveling, good clothes, good wine, beautiful photography, good movies. I take my time to enjoy each.

7)   I am quite stubborn & proud of it. I value what is iconic, eccentric and fun.

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❤Thanx to everyone who stays sincerely curious and passionate..about so many things.