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Now, please somebody explain to me. Have you actually ever met a woman like this? The perfect wife, mother, extremely devoted to her family, but at the same time super attractive and so sexy. This is Dolce&Gabbana’s Monica Bellucci. Can we define her as the hottest woman on earth? I’m especially jealous since she is married to the hottest guy on planet, actor Vincent Cassel(in real life).

The images are from 2012 Spring campaign of Dolce&Gabbana, the designers known for Italian tradition of craftmanship and style, with always distinct references to Sicily. Lingerie-inspired tops, corset dresses, colorful floral and leopard prints and lace.

Actually this campaign speaks for itself. For Italians, beauty and the pleasure driven from beautiful things is ageless and it’ their life blood. And it’s all a game: nothing to take too seriously.Play the part you’re given and accessorize as best as you can, with style and class. What do you think??